All persons who will be occupying the apartment must be named as an occupant and all persons over 18 must complete an application and pay an application fee.

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      Realty & Mortgage Co. has previously entered into an agreement with the property owner to provide certain property management and real estate brokerage services to the property owner. Neither Realty & Mortgage Co. nor any of its employees will be acting as your agent but will instead be acting as the agent for the property owner.



      In connection with your apartment application, a consumer or credit reporting agency may be asked to make an investigative consumer or credit report on you. I (we) understand and hereby authorize agent/owner and any consumer or credit reporting agency or bureau employed by it to investigate my (our) character, general reputation, mode of living, credit and financial responsibility and the statements made on the Application, and to inquire and check with the persons and references named thereon and also authorize(s) such credit or consumer reporting agency or bureau to make available to Realty & Mortgage Co., a consumer or credit report in connection therewith.

      The building in which you are applying for residency receives federal housing assistance money through a Section 8 contract. The application process requires that the following questions be answered by applicants (HUD Handbook 4350.3 Rev. 1 Pages 4-15 through 4-16).

    • 1. Has any member of the household been evicted from federally assisted housing for drug-related criminal activity?

    • 2. Is any member of the household a current drug User?

    • 3. Is any member of the household a sex offender with a life-time registration requirement?

    • 4. Are any members of the household alcohol abusers whose behavior could interfere with others' health, safety and right to peaceful enjoyment?

    • I/We understand that a comprehensive application process including credit check and criminal background check will be conducted on all household members over the age of 18. In addition, current and past landlord/employment verifications are utilized to ensure eligibility of applicants.

      Applicants warrant that all statements above are true and complete. If they are found no to be, your application will be denied. In addition, if applicants are approved and move into a unit based on false statements in this or any documents, residency and lease document will be subject to termination.

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    • Applicant(s) Signature

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    • Applicant(s) Signature

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    • 1. List all states all members of your household have lived in since 1996.

    • 2. Have you been evicted from a federally assisted housing development with in the last 3 years for criminal and/or drug related activities?

    • 3. Do you have a need for an accessible unit or require accessible features?

    • 4. Are you an alcohol abuser whose behavior may interfere with others right to peaceful enjoyment and/or health and safety?

    • 5. Are you a current drug user?

    • 6. Are you a sex offender with life time registration requirments?

    • 7. Are you or any member of your household a full time or part time student?

    • 8. Have you or any member of your household been displaced due to disaster area, governmental action or urban renewal?

    • 9. Have you or any member of your household disposed of or given away any asset( s) for less than fair market value wintin the past 2 years?