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Designed with artists in mind, Artesan Lofts created affordable housing for artists.

To begin the application process, please fill out the form below. A representative from Artesan Lofts will contact you to continue processing your application. Thank you for considering Artesan Lofts for your next apartment home!

    We invite you to begin the pre-application process below. Learn about the steps for the application process. If you do not have time to complete the entire pre-application, you can save the application, and complete at a later time. To find answers to common questions about this project visit our FAQ.

    Complete the following information, considering each household member that will occupy the unit at time of move-in as required.

    The Artesan Lofts are made possible with financing that encourages affordable housing. As a result, the building units are restricted to residents who must fulfill certain income limitation requirements. If you are intending to qualify for an affordable unit, you will be required to provide detailed financial information.

    Based on your household size, your corresponding gross annual income must be below the following at the time of lease signing. The property manager will review your lease application materials and financially certify your income.


    Maximum Gross Income Limits

    (as of May 17, 2018)


    Household Size

    Income Limit

    1 Person


    2 Persons


    3 Persons



    Anyone who qualifies under the income restrictions may apply, but a leasing preference is provided to applicant head of households who are working artists. No income need be derived from an applicant’s art practice, as many artists also work in other fields to pay the bills. Non-artist family members are welcome.  Roommates are welcome, but preferences will be given to roommates where each is a working artist.”                


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    Number of Adults in Household * Indicate the number of household members over the age of 18 who will reside with you in the household. Due to the size of the units, habitation of individuals greater than four (4) is not permissible.

    Number of Children in the Household* Indicate the number of minors in the household. Due to the size of the units, habitation of individuals greater than four (4) is not permissible.

    Do you expect the number of household members to change in the future?

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    Primary Applicant

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    Are any or ALL members of the household full-time students?

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    Employer Details

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    My area of artistic expression Please tell us the area of your primary medium or discipline

    What inspires you to create? Please limit your answer to two or three sentences.

    Please describe any recent public presentation of your art. Share with us your recent public and private displays of your work.

    What interests you in living in this artists' community? Tell us what goals and gains you expect from this experience.

    What effect will living in an artists’ community have on you/(your family) and your art? Tell us briefly how you expect this experience to relate to your work and members of your household.

    Tell us about your expectations of living in the community. This community will be comprised of different races, cultural backgrounds, artistic disciplines and abilities, sexual orientation, and beliefs. How will you respond to this environment?

    Tell us about how you will contribute to and impact the community. What impact do you think you would have on the community? In what way might you contribute to the community?

    Please describe any volunteer work you have done or would be interested in doing.

    Housing Criteria

    What is your unit preference?

    Do you require a handicap unit?

    Will you have a pet?

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